Kamylus is a composed, performed and shared dream. A specialized team commited to you. The joy of being a child reflected in each collection. Kamylus is an invitation for the best in infant fashion!

We search inspiration in the little ones joy to transform childhood in pure fun. Wearing Kamylus is a special play, printed with creativity, color, style and freedom of movement that influences parents and children.

Children are our future. Our example as well!

That’s why Kamylus integrates actions in its daily practices that contribute with the environment preservation, the place where the main and most sensitive discoveries from childhood show up: the color of plants, the perfume of flowers, the smell of fruits, the feelings of walking barefoot, the feelings for animals.

We practice selective collection.
We use a cooling system based on collecting and reusing water from the rain.
We dispatch our production residues to appropriate places.

With the objective to deliver the best service to its customers and consumers, Kamylus has a post sales department highly skilled and instructed, so ALL customer services are made with cordiality and fast answer..

With the objective to provide learning to everyone, Kamylus makes available to its employees a library that has various titles of many styles. Kamylus encourages reading, because it believes it is the most democratic and accessible way to acquire knowledge and promote a cultural exchange among employees.

Thinking about its employees and their relatives health, Kamylus provides a health plan with a co-participation format. All effective Kamylus employees can use this benefit.

Kamylus Malhas is a textile supplier certified and recognized by ABVTEX. We are loyal to all its principles, among them the ethics and respect to legislation, supporting actions of social responsibility, formalizing commercial relations and combating all unfair competition.

It's with immense joy and satisfaction that Kamylus is part of a chain of Disney products because it provides a safe and respectful working site, in accordance with the International Terms of Work with Walt Disney Company Program.


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